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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

AUT's Submission on Proposed "Changes" to New Zealand's Dietary Guidelines

For the last wee while I've been helping Prof Grant Schofield and his team write a response to the New Zealand dietary guidelines (low fat, high grain, no SFA).
The paper is the PDF linked to in this post.

The first time I've had my name on a scientific submission, and a fine one it is too, with the collected wisdom of a bunch of scientists from various disciplines, all working together, to a deadline (we had only a few days warning about the new guidelines, and received no background material on the scientific evidence used in their making). I'm proud of what we achieved, see what you think, and spread this document around.

George Henderson
"Everyone should eat what I eat, 'specially cats!"

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Anonymous said...

George Henderson - Research Assistant.

La dee dah!

Seriously, congratulations, on first glance it looks excellent. Will be the first thing I read over the ANZAC weekend.