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Friday, 23 April 2021

The most important post - a new Nutrition and Mental Health article and book

The Better Brain: How nutrition will help you overcome anxiety, depression, ADHD and stress is a new book (not to be mistaken with the David Perlmutter book of similar name) by Bonnie Kaplan and Julia Rucklidge.

I was invited to review this very important book - by the authors of multiple RCTs and cross-over studies, who are announcing new findings in nutrition and mental health scientific research in book form for the first time, for NZ mainstream media channel Newsroom, where I've managed to place a few nutrition articles in the past.
Basically, the more hits this gets the more likely it becomes that I'll be asked back, and that I'll thus be able to keep placing ideas about LCHF, keto, ancestral diets, and the failings of the food industry and dietary guidelines in the MSM.

Please click here:

My earlier posts in Newsroom can be accessed from the link.

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cavenewt said...

"As Kaplan and Rucklidge detail in their first chapter of The Better Brain, the mental health establishment is trapped in a dated paradigm where a single brain chemical, or a symptom, becomes the target of a drug, regardless of the biochemical deficits in the pathways surrounding that chemical as a result of poor nutrition or metabolic stress. Consequently the drugs, even when they do work, cannot put these deficits right and can even make them worse, making us take more drugs for side effects, with further risk of toxicity or severe drug withdrawal effects."

That's an excellent description not just of the mental health establishment but the medical establishment as a whole.